Title: Foosball
Release year: 2013
Platform: PC Windows
Input: Xbox360 controllers
Players: 4
Team: Lars Bindslev
SoundFX: by users korgchops, cubix, starpause
Music: by user Questiion
Price: 0 – Play here

Foosball is a retro looking local multiplayer game for 4 players.
It has very sensitive and realistic controls, which is why you can only play it with 4 xbox360 controllers.
The game was originally made for the Chainjam[], but never made it into the rotation because the controls wouldn’t work with keyboard which was an requirement.

How to play
You will have a bad time playing this if you are not 4 players with 4 xbox360 controllers.
Use only the sticks, L-stick controls your left bar of foosball players, R-stick controls your right.
Push the stick up to move the foosball players up and so on…