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Title: CityArt
Release year: 2015
Platform: PC/Installation
Input: Tobii eye tracker
Players: 1
team: Lars Bindslev
price: 0 – Play here

Interactive installation using Eye tracking. The player observes the city, and whatever object they focus on they will follow through their daily routine.
By looking at cars the player can move to other parts of the city, and by looking away from the cars they will “get off” the ride.

How to play
Look at things…


Title: Bonkell
Release year: 2014
Platform: Installation
Input: Arcade buttons
Players: 2-12
Team: Reign Bros + Glitchnap

Bonkell is a minimalist, rhythmic video installation for up to 12 people, which is about precision and cooperation. The game consists of a series of mini-courses, each carried out by pressing an increasingly complex sequence through 12 arcade buttons built into the room’s 2 tables.
Bonkell was created for the Roskilde Festival 2014 Art Zone.

How to play
Press the colored arcade buttons in the sequence shown on the screen, have people help you reach all the buttons.


Title: Foosball
Release year: 2013
Platform: PC Windows
Input: Xbox360 controllers
Players: 4
Team: Lars Bindslev
SoundFX: by freesound.org users korgchops, cubix, starpause
Music: by freesound.org user Questiion
Price: 0 – Play here

Foosball is a retro looking local multiplayer game for 4 players.
It has very sensitive and realistic controls, which is why you can only play it with 4 xbox360 controllers.
The game was originally made for the Chainjam[http://joon.be/portfolio/chain-jam/], but never made it into the rotation because the controls wouldn’t work with keyboard which was an requirement.

How to play
You will have a bad time playing this if you are not 4 players with 4 xbox360 controllers.
Use only the sticks, L-stick controls your left bar of foosball players, R-stick controls your right.
Push the stick up to move the foosball players up and so on…


The floor is cats

Title: The floor is cats
Release year: Never released
Platform: android
Input: touch
Players: 1
Team: Jonathan “Joon” van Hove + Lars Bindslev
Price: 0

Collect clocks and avoid stepping on cats to avoid waking them up. Admittedly we did not spend much time on the theme of the game, but rather wanted to explore alternative movement controls.
This game was developed as part of the Global Game Jam 2015 at the ITU Copenhagen jam site. We wanted to create something really small and simple and spend more time on polish, but we had to include a couple more weekends to get it to where it is now.

How to play
The player walks by putting their finger on the screen and rotating the phone (and the world), but remember to always have one foot on the ground to avoid falling, like real life.

The game “The floor is cats” remained unreleased, but Joon continued the development and created the game Don’t Trip for iOS and Android game that can be played here: Don’t Trip

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